Konomark – a new way to be friendly with your intellectual property : TeachTech

Konomark – a new way to be friendly with your intellectual property : TeachTech.

Came across this website today on the TeachTech blog and immediately saw the potential as a learning activity
Most rights sharable. Just e-mail me and ask. Learn more at konomark.org

[From the website]

A new way to be friendly with your intellectual property.
What is the konomark?
The konomark is a symbol – a circle with a pineapple in it – that lets visitors to your website know that you are generally willing to share your copyrighted content, such as photos, educational materials, music, etc., with folks like yourself, for free. The konomark is an invitation to e-mail you and ask you for permission.
Let’s say I see a konomarked photo that I want to use. What should I do?
Just e-mail the photographer, explain how you want to use it, and wait for a response. You won’t be bothering anyone – the photographer has invited you to ask. It’s all good.
Where can I find konomarked content?
The project is still in its infancy, but there are more than 10,000 konomarked photos on Flickr. If you search Flickr for the tag konomark, you’ll find them there.
Who is allowed to use the konomark?
You are, as long as you comply with the following three rules:
• You use the konomark only to mark your own copyrighted works.
• By konomarking a copyrighted work, you intend to invite people to ask you for permission to use that work.
• You are generally amenable to letting people use, without compensating you, the copyrighted content you’ve konomarked – even though the konomark does not legally obligate you.
Technically, legally speaking, these three rules are the conditions upon which you are granted a revocable license to use the konomark logo and word mark. Just be aware that the rules are subject to change – after all, the konomark project is new, and still in an experimental stage.

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