Be More Productive on Facebook via July’s PC World Mag

Be More Productive on Facebook

Facebook may be your go-to site for goofing off when you should be doing something productive instead, but you have plenty of options for improving your efficiency while you kill time there.

Keep to your keyboard: Instead of clicking the Like button, type L while viewing a photo to achieve the same result. Also, use the arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through an album.

Use Facebook to speed up your music navigation: If you use a streaming service like Spotify or Rdio, type an artist name and/or a song title into the Facebook search bar and then click the Play button on the song you want. The song will start streaming instantly, and you won’t have to leave the page you’re on.

Take advantage of the Activity Log: Facebook’s Activity Log will help you quickly find your past posts or remember the date when something happened. Click the Activity Log button under your Timeline cover photo, and use the filters at the top of the page to sort through all of your check-ins, Likes, comments, and other actions by date. (Don’t worry­–only you can see your own Activity Log.)

Customize your newsfeed: To filter friends out of your News Feed promptly, type acquaintances into the Facebook search bar. On the resulting page, click see all suggestions. Facebook will show you a list of people whom you might no longer want updates from, and allow you to remove them easily. To streamline your News Feed further, try the free third-party browser plug-in Social Fixer. It adds a bunch of great tools that give you more control over what appears when you visit Facebook so you can strip out posts you don’t care about, hide posts you’ve already read, and highlight new comments.

–Brittany Darwell, Lead Writer, Inside Facebook

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