Social Media and Two-Way Communication

I came across this on the blog Connected Principals and after reading once, then going back to it again to reread I was very impressed. It’s nicely written and allows for very clear rationale for the role that Social Media can play as a tool.

Well worth a read…

Social Media and Two-Way Communication

April 20, 2012


‘Recently, I was invited to participate in a webinar titled, Using social media to enhance school-community relations. The webinar was spearheaded by Dr. Scott McLeod, professor at the University of Kentucky and the author of the phenomenal blog Dangerously Irrelevant, and his colleague Dr. Wayne Lewis. The primary audience consisted of 18 preservice administrator students at the University of Kentucky. Contributing to the discussion was Dan Cox, principal of Hoover Middle School in Waterloo, Iowa and doctoral student at Iowa State University as well as the renown Burlington High School principal of Burlington, Massachusetts and 2012 NASSP National Digital Principal Award Winner, Patrick Larkin….”

For the rest of the post, visit here:


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