Manifest yourself

A pal of mine who did the incredible rewrite on my cv and overall sounding board has his coaching facebook page Manefesting Brilliance up too.

His webiste at is worth a review if you are needing some professional repackaging.

He just shared this as well-

A Special Invitation

I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to extend an invitation for you to join the Manifesting Brilliance teleseminar.

Manifesting Brilliance is about living authentically as a co-creator with an innate power to engineer your life experiences. It is one thing to say that we were created in the “image and likeness of God,” but an entirely different thing to truly believe these words, and even more so to claim the power that is our birthright.

Manifesting Brilliance was developed to empower those people who are ready to live extraordinary lives. Manifesting Brilliance is for anyone who is tired of living with the status quo and who is feeling an insistent nagging to live out loud and in full color.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Truer words were never spoken. Join me for Manifesting Brilliance to learn how your imagination can be the key to unlocking a future full of hope, promise, and BRILLIANCE.

Course Begins Tuesday, July 1st at 6:00 PM PST
Classes are Tuesdays 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM PST
Tuition – $267

Course detsils:

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For more information:

The Resume Shop, INK | 201 Mission Street | Suite 1200 | San Francisco | CA | 94105



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