Welcome to Byte This as I explore the rapidly changing landscape

of education, health, communication and  social media.

Originally, this blog was created to reflect, discuss and share resources about the role of social media in education. “We” were initially  a group of students, educators and worked on this project initially in a course taught by Howard Rheingold at the California Institute of Integral Studies called “Introduction to Social Media.” More recently its been maintained by @HealthCommTech as part of a larger portfolio of digital efforts both for students at of Health Science & Communication and Client who are looking at integration of new media into professional landscapes.

The vision of this blog is progressive, it is not fixed to specific forms or methods or themes  in pedagogy. Instead, the hope is to generate new models of learning, especially in the realms of distance, online, and other hybrid forms of learning that actively adopt new technology. Education systems are often slower to adapt to changes; we hope to speed up the process!

While I tend to lean towards being more edgy than serious, I hope to draw in readers who recognize the significant changes wrought by social media in both the process and outcomes in education. This blog should reflect the interests and concerns of its readers, so it is participatory and flexible to the needs of those who contribute. So if it inspires you, send us a link, or comment on a post, or share this blog with a friend.

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